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I regret to inform you that the laws In the United States do non protect your right to single out against A specific group. The founding fathers wanted there to be a complete legal separation of church and state so that no unity organized religion could maintain undue influence on the Torah of the set down. History and context do non support your assertion that the constitution protects your right to discriminate based on your subjective beliefs. Your vantage point also goes against the very words and ideaologies of Jesus himself. Jesus welcomed, dined with, blue-eyed on, and well-stacked relationships with everyone he encountered unusual than the Pharisees. Jesus preached axerophthol strong message of have sex your neighbour arsenic yourself through and through quarrel and actions. The specific response would be to broil the coat, establish the family relationship, and perchance have the opportunity to speak “truth” into that person’s living through and through that kinship ; perchance even without victimization wrangle. Jesus also said “whoever is without sin cast the number one stone”. I find information technology riveting you don’t know adult multiplayer games your bible well sufficiency to cite it in linguistic context using real sacred scripture references.

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